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SmartMove is a single point web extraction solution to meet...

SmartMove is a single point web extraction solution to meet all your Web Extraction needs. It is a powerful and easy-to-use application which helps you to extract specific information from web pages.

Unlike many other extractors you can extract not just Contact Information (like email,phone,fax), but any information of your choice wether it is about airlines or zebrasFeatures Supporting General Pupose ExtractionThese are over and above the standard features like depth of crawling, url etc.

Use of Conditional Extraction enables you to extract only if preconditions are met. learn moreCustomizable Output enables you to extract any information of your choice.

The same gridview can show postal address fields or airline namesLow cost , low learning curve custom extraction. No learning of new fancy languagesor scripts.

Leverage your knowledge of. NET and customize. learn moreprovides API to extract structured or unstuctured information. SmartMove can be run from command line enabling any project/projects to be scheduled using Windows Scheduled TasksA number of precise settings and filters makes it a universal and flexible data extracting application.

Contact Information ExtractionOne Unique feature of this is that it can extract Postal Addresses apart from E-Mail addressesExtract even if words like Add,Address are not explicitly present and even if some writes email address as ;me at yahoo dot com;Technology used is Regular Expression based Rule Induction SmartMove enables you to extract meta-tags, e-mails, phone and fax numbers, company names, and others and exporting them to a database in XML form.

Hassle free unlimited use of search enginesBe a good netizen! Supports Robot Exclusion Protocol the defacto standard for excluding malicious bots.

Speeding up ExtractionSmart Links reduce Crawl time-As against conventional crawling it's move from one page to another is smart. It can examine the context of the newly found linkSmartMove is and Autonomous, fast, multi-threaded.

It will reduce your web searches drastically. Wether you want to create mailing lists, company names, Company Addresses or research zebras and scores of others SmartMove offers distinct advantages over others.

It can scan/crawl a single site i. e scan all the pages from the site based on links found in each of the pages. It can also scan a set of sites.

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